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Organic products are just better.

Bold statements backed by sound research.



FinLeaf Technologies Inc. is a Nova Scotia company that researches and develops aquaponic growing platforms and technology.  The company develops proprietary nutrient recipes and processes unique to flowering plants, with the aim to perfect the right combination of

- optimal crop cycles
- vigorous plant growth
- all-natural nutrient inputs
- a reduced environmental footprint (regarding water and electricity use)
- fish health. 

Our scientific team is actively researching and developing best practices using these proprietary methods.

We have conducted aquaponic trials at Acadia University, Wolfville, Nova Scotia, with support from National Research Council Canada's Industrial Research Assistance Program and Innovacorp.  We have laboratory space and technicians working at Dalhousie University as well, and at a location on the south shore of Nova Scotia.

Our technology has the potential to provide a year-round, cost-effective, all-natural, environmentally sustainable alternative to conventional farming and aquaculture, with products close to market.

FinLeaf Technologies Inc. is the research partner of Aqualitas Inc., a licensed producer of cannabis.